About Me

If life was perfect I'd be able to play a computer game while watching a movie, reading a book and working on my cross-stitch. Also all of my dogs would be sitting with me and getting fur on nothing. But life isn't perfect so I make time for everything and everyone and want to share my love of reading with others. You can follow the link on the main page to Goodreads and find a listing of all the books I've read since I was 15. My mom got me started tracking the books I read and now I can't quit. I used to keep a detailed record including how many pages the book was and when I started and finished. But now I track by month, the title, author and maybe a note if it was excellent. 

I do ask that as you look through my reviews remember that this is only my opinion you may love a book I didn't like. Anyone who reads know you can get in a slump and not like anything or you get hooked on a certain genre for a little bit. If the book sounds good you should give it a try regardless of what anyone else says. 

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