Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: A Conspiracy of Faith by Jussi Adler-Olsen

The 3rd book in this series has everything I look for in a mystery. The characters are entertaining, funny keep you guessing and looking forward to the next book. The storyline for the murder is interesting, different and the twists will keep you guessing what will happen next. The characters of Department Q- Carl, Assad and Rose will leave you with more questions than answers but that's ok by me, just that much more to look forward to in book number 4.  

Review: Dying Hours by Mark Billingham

Let me start this review with my final thoughts: If you are a Billingham fan this is a must read because: 1-You need to read this to be ready for the next and 2- It's Tom Thorne do you need another reason?
Seriously though this was not a show stopping read. The writing is good, as it usually is but the story line was just ok for me. There were no surprise twists or uh-oh moments and I'm still not sure about Thorne in a serious relationship. New readers to Billingham should start with some of the older books. Release date August 6th 2013.

Review: The Dinner by Herman Koch

I certainly ran through some emotions reading this book. The beginning third of this book I found myself laughing out loud in several spots. The way Paul describes fancy restaurants is pretty much I feel about them, also. Unlike Paul I have never ate in the type of establishment described and I am not sure I ever will. The middle is where we learn why the dinner is taking place and I find that I can sympathize with the parents to a point because as parents we know our kids make mistakes. We hope they are small ones, they can learn from in the end. The end of the is a book and anything can happen, it would be hard to talk about without giving away to much. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to others. -Jennifer
*This would be a good book for a reading group it has several topics and interesting characters to be discussed.

Review: The Doll by Taylor Stevens

The third book featuring the character Vanessa Michael Munroe does not disappoint readers. Munroe is not hired for a job this time but kidnapped and forced to deliver "a package" and if she does not cooperate, people she cares about are going to pay the price.

The action is non-stop between Bradford in Texas and Munroe in Croatia and later Italy that you will not want to stop reading day or night. The characters are well developed and I loved the involvement of the sub-characters.

If you are a fan of Taylor Stevens you will dive right in to this and by the end of the book you will be asking yourself how long you have to wait for book four. If you have not read The Informationist or The Innocent you are missing out on one of the best new authors that I have read in awhile. Publication date is June 4,2013 -Jennifer

Review: Widow's Might by Sandra Brannan

By volunteering to take part in a Twitter Book Club I received a copy of each Liv Bergen novel. 

Widow's Might is the 3rd book in the series and I had no problem picking up the story line (for those who like to read in order). The characters are unpredictable and the story-line keeps you hanging until the end. A couple of times I thought I might have it figured out but I didn't. I love characters that are drawn into investigations, Liv is "recruited" to help by the FBI. I think I like this story line because well lets face it I'd love to help the FBI or the CIA solve a mystery.

When I first saw the covers of these books I thought I would be reading something in the horror genre but it was not horror at all. If you like mystery/suspense you should really look into this series. -Jennifer

Review: Safe House by Chris Ewan

Safe House by Chris Ewan
A stand-alone from the author of Good Thief's Guide.

From the start of this book, I was hooked and was not able to read fast enough. Set on the Isle of Man this thriller will have you wondering whom Rob should trust. There is plenty of action, mystery and suspense. A must read for any Ewan fan and a great starter book for new readers.


Review: The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott

The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott

The follow up to Adrenaline picks up the story of Sam Capra. Searching for his son he is about to find out if there is anything he will not do to save his newborn son. The Last Minute has plenty of action and suspense. Although not necessary, I do believe the 2nd book will be more enjoyable if you have read Adrenaline. The background on the characters is worked in over time in this book and if you haven't read the 1st book I don't think the beginning of this book will be as interesting while you are taking in character development.

Both books are well worth the read for mystery/suspense fans. - Jennifer

Review: Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters

Creepy. Crawly. It can be hard to find a creepy book that isn't filled with explicit gory detail. Look no further, you must read Bedbugs. You are kept guessing throughout the book. Is Susan hallucinating the bedbugs, is she losing her mind or are they really there? The characters are well developed and likable, the setting is an adorable apartment. Now if someone would just believe Susan when she says there is something crawling on her. Once you get started you will not want to put this down.

My advice to you is time the reading so the end of the book does not happen at night just before you go to bed. -Jennifer

Review: The Demands by Mark Billingham

DI Tom Thorne is back and in the hot seat. Detective Constable Helen Weeks from Billingham’s stand-alone novel In the Dark is one of the people taken hostage. The hostage taker, to uncover the truth about his son’s death has tasked Thorne with finding the truth.
I am glad to see the return of the Weeks character; I enjoyed In the Dark and was left wanting more of the character at the end of the book. From the first chapter you are pulled into the case. You will want to jump into the book and help, if only so Thorne can get some rest because that will only happen after the hostages are safe.

With plenty of action, twists and surprises and with a plot that keeps you guessing, you will have hard time putting this down until you finish. - Jennifer

Review: So far away by Meg Mitchell Moore

Touching and heart-warming. The story of a bullied teenager and a mother who feel her own child is lost to her. I was quickly drawn into the lives of these characters. Kathleen would like so much to have another chance with her daughter whom she has lost contact with over the years. Natalie wants to find a way to stop her ex-best friend and her friend from bullying her but doesn't know what to do. Through the discovery of an old journal and as we follow the characters through their lives we learn more about them and feel for what they are going through. You will long for Kathleen to find her daughter and mend their relationship and the pain that Natalie suffers brings the want of justice for this young girl. Jennifer

Review: Best of me by Nicholas Sparks

I listened to this on CD so I could continue reading another book. I always look forward to the new Nicholas Sparks book and if you are already a fan you will not be disappointed. Listening to this in the car worked out well for me until...the weepy part, driving and teary eyes are not a good combination. I was able to control tears and made it to work and home without incident. For me the book started out slow and at one point I wished the book was centered on the story of Tuck and Clara instead of Amanda and Dawson. I was glad I continued reading the ending was classic Sparks and worth reading. Bottom line if you are already a Sparks fan this is a must read, if you are new to Sparks start with some of his earlier books and save this for last.

Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

You know the fun emails you get that say If you remember...and there is a whole list of things that remind you of your teen years, that is this book. Set in the future the characters spend time in the past searching for clues to solve a puzzle and move to the next level of the game. Great characters, a story line that is fast paced and has you trying to figure out the answer to the riddles. you will not be disappointed with book. This is a first novel for Ernest Cline and I look forward to what he has in the works for his next novel. Jennifer

Review: The Innocent by Taylor Stevens

The is the 2nd book featuring Vanessa Michael Munroe. After reading the 1st book in this series The Informationist. I was looking forward to the next adventure of Michael. This book was worth the wait. We delve into the Michael character a little more and discover her past has caught up with her and she is unable to sleep without reliving nightmares of the past. If you enjoyed the previous book you will have this one read in no time and like me will be awaiting the next in this series.
Visit Taylor Stevens for information on the next book in this series. Jennifer